Our Statement:

We believe that the aesthetic of a building should uplift the spirit and inspire, and that the structure should be designed on a human scale. We strive to achieve maximum efficiency in our designs, balancing the need for energy conservation with human needs for light and space. We take pride in building strong bonds between the building and its inhabitants.

Building Relationships:

People have all kinds of relationships throughout their lives. Buildings, on the other hand, have only three, and it is the strength and nature of these relationships that determine the success of those buildings.

One relationship is the building’s connections to the people who use it and view it.

  • The building must be strong and weather-tight.
  • The rooms should be pleasant and comfortable.
  • The living spaces are of the correct size and well-placed.
  • The form of the building is appropriate to the owner’s taste.
  • The building materials are appropriate and are used in ways which please the owner.

 A second relationship is the building’s connection to its site and surroundings:

  • It should fit with the land, or be a monument on it, depending upon the owner’s desire and the lay of the land. The building should be scaled accordingly.
  • Care must be taken to consider the angle of the sun, existing views, and prevailing winds.
  • Proximity to neighbors, access to the property, and the form of the land must be considered.

The third relationship is the building’s relationship to itself. Architects call this the composition of the building, and it deals with order, proportion, and scale.